Super Lemon OG (Hybrid) | Pacific Gold Disposable Pen 500mg


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   86%
Quantity    500mg


Super Lemon OG Pacific Gold Disposable 500mg Cannabis Oil Vape Pen Flavor Appearance

Super Lemon OG Pacific Gold Disposable, a delightful indica-leaning hybrid, is renowned for its amazing taste and calming effects. Developed by the experts at DNA Genetics, this strain is a hybrid of Super Lemon Haze and DNA’s own Captain Krypt OG hybrid. It has a THC content that varies from 16% to 22%. Super Lemon OG is cherished by enthusiasts for its relaxing yet still mentally invigorating effects.

While not visually stunning, Super Lemon OG flowers come in small pebbly clusters. They have an indica-influenced bud structure, densely packed together. These muted sage-green leaves are adorned with brown and orange pistils and covered in glassy, sticky trichomes that make them look almost white.

Super Lemon OG Flower Live Resin Vape Bar Review

Also, Pinneapple Pacific Gold Disposable and Cherry Punch Rove Cartridge. The scent of Super Lemon OG flowers is strongly astringent and smells like gasoline, with a sour lemony twist. Grinding the buds reveals a more hashy, peppery aroma, possibly due to the bud’s OG lineage. Upon combustion, Super Lemon OG gives off a thick smoke that may cause coughing and watery eyes, and has a skunky citrus flavor on the exhale.

Once consumed, Super Lemon OG’s effects can be felt almost immediately. Initially, it produces a head rush and a slight constriction around the eyes. Soon, however, consumers will experience an elevation of their thoughts that will cause ideas to flow freely. It can even cause sudden fascination with objects or concepts that one may not have otherwise had. This cerebral mindset is ideal for tackling complicated, detail-oriented tasks, and even simple household chores like laundry become more tolerable.

Buy Pacific Gold Disposable Extracts Super Lemon OG strain Aroma Effects

Within an hour of consuming Super Lemon OG, the strain’s indica side begins to emerge, eliminating any physical tension and promoting deep and restful breathing. Consumers may feel the urge to stretch or sit down at this point. The high of Super Lemon OG is perfect for leisurely activities like card games or video games.

Additionally, its effects allow consumers to maintain their mental clarity, making it a perfect conversation starter in social situations. As the feelings of sedation spread through the limbs and core, the strain can cause consumers to remain still. It can even induce sleep in a comfortable setting. Due to its gradual descent into mellow sedation, Super Lemon OG is an ideal choice for late afternoons or evenings.


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