Sweet Tea (HYBRID) | Berner Cookies 3.5G Premium Flower


Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Sweet Tea Cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type: Sativa

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Sweet Tea Berner Cookies Strain Flower 3.5G

Sweet Tea Berner Cookies Strain, is a strain that offers a delightful blend of sugary and aromatic flavors, perfect for those looking to unwind. It’s an excellent companion for activities such as household chores or outdoor adventures.

Bred by the late David Bowman, Sweet Tea is a cross between Alcatraz OG and California Orange, with the resulting phenotype then mixed with The Dude. Fans of fruity and dank hybrids will appreciate both the Subcool breed and the more commonly found Cookies Genetics phenotype.

Suitable for both novice and experienced growers, Sweet Tea can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. By mid-October, growers can expect a bountiful harvest of dense buds with light green leaves and long, flowing hairs. The strain’s distinctive orangey appearance is thanks to the puffy, yellow trichomes.

Buy Berner Cookies Sweet Tea Weed Review

The aroma of Sweet Tea is a delightful blend of cedarwood, sweet candy, citrus tones, and a hint of melon. Its cherry-orange flavor is reminiscent of a giant orange peel-flavored jelly bean. To fully appreciate Sweet Tea, one must have a sweet tooth.
Sweet Tea imbues its users with a sense of focus, creativity, and tranquility, making it perfect for completing physical activities like household chores, exercising, walking in nature, playing outdoors, and practicing yoga. Its effects are both calming and productive. Also, we have Watermelon (Hybrid) – Dime 1G Vape Cartridges and Amnesia Thin Mint Rove Cartridge.
The Sweet Tea strain proves to be an ideal choice for individuals who experience mood swings or desire to stabilize their Manic Depression (or Bipolar Disorder). Sweet Tea has the ability to alleviate pain and reduce stress, while providing a sense of euphoria, sociability, creativity, and peaceful relaxation.

Berner Cookies Sweet Tea Cannabis strain Effects

Sweet Tea has the potential to enhance the connection between your mind and muscles, thereby improving your overall mood and reducing body fatigue without causing sedation. This remarkable effect makes physical activities and exercise more enjoyable and invigorating.

With Sweet Tea, you can experience an enhanced sense of focus and heightened physical sensations during physical labor. If you’re in search of a body buzz that can boost your energy levels and improve your mood, Sweet Tea is a great option to consider as a daytime pick-me-up.

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