Tangie Dream (SATIVA) | Kurvana Disposable Cart


 Strain Type SATIVA
  Quantity   500mg


Tangie Dream Kurvana Disposable Vape

Tangie Dream Kurvana Disposable All-In-One vape pen is a ready-to-use THC pen that boasts a delightful orange aroma and flavor. Its sativa genetics make it highly sought-after for individuals seeking a strain that inspires mental stimulation. Its delicious terpene profile appeals to the most discerning palates.

This vape pen is made from a Tangie and Blue Dream hybrid strain. The result is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a strong, sweet, and slightly tangy orange flavor that reminds users of candied orange peel. Fans of this vape pen enjoy its fragrant aroma that evokes citrus fruits and orange blossoms in their peak ripeness.
The Tangie Dream All-In-One vape pen is part of Kurvana’s ASCND line. It which is a potent option that requires no additional battery or charging. It’s one of the best THC vape pens for cerebral stimulation. Making it an excellent option for creativity and sparking conversation. Although the intensity of this strain may be overwhelming for some. It increases with dosage and use, which is advantageous for creative projects.

Kurvana Bar Tangie Dream Flavor Review

This vape pen offers relief from symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression. Its effects vary depending on an individual’s body chemistry and metabolism. It’s recommended to take one draw and wait several minutes to experience its full effects.
In terms of potency, the Tangie Dream All-In-One vape pen boasts a total cannabinoid content of 94.66%, a total THC content of 90.51%, and a total CBD content of less than 0.20%. Kurvana’s Tangie Dream All-In-One vape pen is a flavorful and potent option that appeals to individuals looking for mental stimulation and relief from unwanted symptoms.

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