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Terpheadz Lazy Ape Disposable is a pleasant strain that eases the day’s headaches and fatigue brought about by stress. It has an interesting effect though. While it delivers a soothing Indica buzz, its effects are cerebrally and physically stimulating especially with its THC levels that average between 17% to 20%. And so, its versatility attracts users with different preferences.

Don’t forget the fact Terpheadz Lazy ape Vape is a popular strain known for its potent effects and delicious flavors. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts high levels of THC, typically ranging from 20-25%. It has a low CBD content, usually less than 1%.

This flavor is well-loved by vape enthusiasts for its sweet and earthy flavors, with hints of pine and citrus. Its effects are known to be deeply relaxing and sedative, making it a great choice for those looking to unwind after a long day or alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety.
Vape Users have reported feeling euphoric and happy, with a sense of calm and tranquility washing over them. Overall, Terpheadz Lazy Ape Cart is a top-notch strain that delivers on both flavor and potency.

Interestingly, in creating the strain, Cali Connection did not choose two parents with different genetics. Rather, it used Chemdawg 4 as a genetic base before crossing it with another Chemdawg 4 backcross thus creating a diesel-flavored, quick-acting strain.

Lazy Apes Disposable Cartridge Terpheadz Flavor

Note, Terpheadz is said to be strong but just about, as its THC levels are within reasonable measures. Its effects are strong without being overpowering, making it a suitable strain for those who don’t have as much experience under their belts. More so, HARLEQUIN Lazy Ape Disposable and Gush Mints Rove Cart

Fans of the television series The Dukes of Hazzard will squeal with delight after taking a toke out of  Terpheadz. Although the character it takes its name from is a greedy villain, the strain is quite far from being unpleasant. If anything, the only similarity is the thick smoke surrounding the bud once it is combusted.

Indica-leaning strains are commonly associated with a heavy-hitting body-focused psychedelic high. To this end, Boss Hogg is quite unique as its onset is heavily cerebral. Not to mention, its physical effects are quite stimulating. Because of this, the strain is immensely popular among users looking for a relaxing yet motivating influence.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Euphoric – 9
Focused – 3
Tingly – 3
Aroused – 3
FRAGRANCE Pungent, diesel, chemical, sour, earthy
FLAVORS Sour, chemical, diesel, earthy, sage, hash
MEDICAL Stress -10
Pain – 9
Depression – 9
Inflammation – 8
Fatigue – 8

Terpheadz lazy ape cart


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