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A portable dry herb vaporizer engineered for a smooth, tasty and efficient vaping experience


This dry herb vaporizer was designed from the inside out for performance. The V4/Plush has Dynamic Conduction Technology bringing even controlled heat into the .65 gram capacity ceramic chamber with a stainless steel filter. This technology allows for even heating of the dry herb contents to deliver fresh, flavorful and potent vapor through the all glass pathway for the ideal vaping experience.

The V4/PLUSH offers a vaping experience that epitomizes familiarity, ease, and relaxation. It is a great choice for those who prioritize low-key portability and desire a device that is not bulky and easy to grip due to its ergonomic shape and 2.9-ounce weight. Additionally, the V4/PLUSH is an excellent choice for medical users who want to medicate without feeling exposed, thanks to its one-button control.
One of the V4/PLUSH’s best features is its all-glass pathway, which ensures a smooth inhalation and natural, clean herb flavor. The mouthpiece also offers a unique cool sensation, thanks to its glass pathway located within a plastic mouthpiece. Additionally, the V4/PLUSH’s even ceramic heating ensures maximum efficiency, which saves both battery life and bud.
Unlike many dry-herb-only vapes that fail to cater to the wide variety of herbs available, V4Twenty designed the V4/PLUSH with five temperature settings to accommodate different strains, from dry and fluffy buds to the dankest and freshest nugs available. The various temperature settings can also bring out different cannabinoid profiles and terpenes, providing different effects for different users. For example, a low temp draw may be ideal for an energetic buzz, while a higher temp may release terpenes and cannabinoids suitable for pain relief and insomnia.


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