Watermelon | Dank Vapes Distillate Cartridge 1G (0.035 Oz)


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Watermelon Dank Vapes Cartridge | 1G Premium Cannabis Distillate 

Watermelon Dank Vapes Cartridge with an Indica THC content of 16-17%, is a mysterious strain whose origins are unknown. It was created in a breeder’s garden and is said to have a sweet tropical fruit flavor with an earthy undertone. Its THC content is reported to be around 17%, with CBD ranging from 3-10%.

The Watermelon Dank Vapes Cartridge is a popular choice, with 20 flavorful strains available that feature triple distilled THC oil and high-quality plant-derived terpenes. Our vapes have been tested and have THC levels that are almost always above 90%, making any choice a good one.
Users have reported the flavors of Watermelon to be sweet, tropical, and strawberry. Please note that the effects and flavors mentioned on our site are based on user reports and are for informational purposes only. We advise you to consult your physician before making any changes to your medical treatment. Looking for something new? Try these options DMT Vice City Labs and Atomic Apple Melonade Alien Labs.

Buy Dank Vape Distillate Watermelon Flavor

The Watermelon flowers boast curly orange pistils, structures designed to collect pollen from male plants. The buds are coated in trichomes, giving them a sticky texture and white sheen. Proper curing yields a fruity scent blending tart berries and grape, with a subtle watermelon aroma. When ground, skunky notes emerge, potentially from the strain’s OG Kush ancestry. The strain burns smoothly, delivering a fruity grape flavor with sour undertones on exhale.

Watermelon Dank Vapes Cartridge

Dank Vapes Cart Watermelon Strain Effects

Watermelon, a predominantly indica strain, offers a slow onset high that begins with a tingle around the eyes and forehead. This sensation then transforms into a warm feeling that engulfs the entire body, signifying a physically relaxing experience. Despite being a heavy indica strain, Watermelon Dank vapes provide some mental stimulation, causing thoughts to ramble freely, and some concepts or stimuli may become more captivating.
Watermelon’s effects don’t cause a dopey, incapacitated mindset seen in stronger indica strains. Although it doesn’t support deep, cerebral thinking, it’s suitable for creative brainstorming or idle daydreaming. Though the high keeps consumers lucid enough for conversations, people with busy schedules shouldn’t expect to complete work under Watermelon’s influence. Instead, this strain’s a good choice for relaxing, watching TV, or ending a long day or week of work.
As the high wears off or with increased dosage, prepare for intractable couchlock, and the strain’s sedative effects may lull smokers into deep, restful sleep. Due to its mostly sedative properties, this strain is ideal for nighttime use rather than daylight hours.


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