Watermelon Smash (Indica) – Lazy Ape Bar 1G


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Net Weight : 1 Gram

Ten Pack : 10 X 1.0 G Disposables


Buy Watermelon Smash Lazy Ape Disposable Bar Cart | Premium Live Resin Vape | Super Apes Edition

Watermelon Smash Lazy Ape Disposable is a sought-after hybrid strain that boasts a delectable flavor profile of fruity sweetness. Created by crossing Watermelon Zkittlez with Purple Punch, this potent strain packs a THC punch of approximately 20%, resulting in a strong cerebral high that has been described as happy, relaxing, and euphoric.

Its long-lasting effects make it an ideal choice for those who desire a sustained high, and its CBD content is relatively low, at less than 1%. Despite its unknown genetic lineage, Watermelon Smash has garnered widespread acclaim for its flavor and potency, making it a well-regarded strain among users. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a heavy body high, much like the weight and size of its namesake fruit.

Lazy Apes Vape Bar Watermelon Smash Strain / Flavor Review

The Watermelon Smash Lazy Ape Bar strain has a reputation for strength, although its THC levels are moderate. Its effects are potent without being overwhelming, making it a suitable choice for less experienced users. However, it’s important to note that once THC levels reach 20%, a strain is considered potent. Therefore, users should be mindful of their limits when consuming this strain, especially new users. Also, Keep in mind there’s more Lazy Ape Carts Flavors.
Despite only containing 20% Sativa, the Watermelon Lazy Ape Cart is surprisingly effective in delivering a mental high. Users have reported feeling happy and euphoric shortly after consuming it.
Even experienced users may mistake it for a strain with a higher Sativa content. However, caution is still advised, especially for those with less experience with marijuana. More try taste, mango stark lazy ape disposable and Garlic Cookies Rove Cart
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Happy – 8
Euphoric – 7
Sleepy – 7
Hungry – 5
Dry eyes – 9
Headache – 7
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, watermelon
FLAVORS Sweet, tropical, berry


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