Wedding Cake (Hybrid) Strain | Loudpack Weed | 3.5G Cannabis


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   62%
Quantity    3.5G


Wedding Cake Loudpack Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Wedding Cake Loudpack weed, loudpack flower is everything we stand for. It’s the basis for everything we make and it represents absurd levels of quality. From the way in which it’s grown to the way in which it’s enjoyed, our flower represents. California at its finest and sets the bar for the entire cannabis industry. Bringing two different people together in matrimony can produce beautiful results – the same can be said for marijuana.

Zoreoz is a cultivar of unconfirmed origins thought by online sources to either be a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie or a phenotype of the Wedding Cake strain. The top reported aromas of the Cake Batter cultivar are strawberries, cream, and citrus. It is said to taste of creamy berries and pepper. By mixing indica and sativa genetics, a breeder can create beautiful new strains, and the Wedding Cake strain is truly a match made in heaven.

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Also, Do Si Dos (Sativa) Strain | Loudpack Weed | 3.5G Cannabis The marriage that led to Wedding Cake is a delicious combination of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. That’s why you’ll sometimes see this strain referred to as ‘Pink Cookies’ or ‘Wedding Cookies.’ The sweet and tasty genes are the same regardless of the name, though. Wedding Cake is a hybrid that combines two of the best hybrids into a new and better hybrid. The result is a reliable strain with the best effects for most users.

Something to notice – both Girl Scout Cookies and Chery Pie include Durban Poison genes, which come through clearly in Wedding Cake as well. Before they came around, the only species of weed available were indica and sativa. These plants would only start to flower when daylight began to grow short in the fall. That meant that growers had to use lighting ‘tricks’ to grow indoors.

Loudpack Wedding Cake strain Effects

These convenient plants are resistant to pests, environmental problems, and common weed diseases. Ruderalis genetics make Wedding Cake autoflowering plants able to handle all sorts of conditions, inside and out. That makes it the perfect option for new growers.

Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors | Continental
Plant size Compact
Flowers 10 to 14 weeks
Yields 5 to 15 oz per 3x3ft
Taste and Smell Vanilla | Sweet | Earthy | Ginger
Effects Relaxing | Energizing



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