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 Strain Type HYBRID
  Quantity   500mg

Kurvana Wedding Cake Disposable Vape Bar

Wedding Cake Kurvana Disposable Cart All-In-One hybrid vape pen offers a delightful experience with a balance of HybridSweet, vanilla, and tart flavors. The high-quality cannabis oil extracted from the Wedding Cake Kurvana bar strain provides a euphoric state of mind and long-lasting relaxation, making it perfect for celebrations or unwinding.

Its THC level is highly potent, which caters to experienced cannabis users. This hybrid cannabis strain boasts dense buds that are coated with trichomes, adding to its gorgeous appearance. Kurvana’s premium cannabis oil provides the purest essence of Wedding Cake’s luxurious cannabinoids. What’s more, the vape pen is pre-charged and does not require additional hardware, making it convenient for use on-the-go.

Wedding Cake Kurvana Disposable THC

The Wedding Cake THC vape pen by Kurvana is an exceptional product that provides a well-balanced, potent euphoria. This pen is known for quickly inducing a cerebral experience that leads to a gentle relaxation of the entire body. Users have reported relief from both physical and mental tension. Hence, making it a popular choice among medical patients who want to alleviate stress, fight inflammation, stimulate appetite, and combat depression. You should consider choosing from the list of Kurvana Disposables.

The unique fingerprint composition of cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes, combined with a composite blend of cannabinoids, including high levels of THC and low concentrations of CBD. Give the Kurvana Wedding Cake All-In-One an impressive potency of 95.30% total cannabinoids and 91.79% total THC. Also lookout for Blackberry Kush Kurvana Disposable Bar and Power kush Rove cart


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