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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   37%
Quantity    3.5G

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XJ-13 Seven Leaves, a clone-only strain originating from Southern California, was meticulously bred by the skilled cultivators at Orange County’s Patient Care in Santa Ana. They carefully pollinated a female G-13 plant with pollen from a male Jack Herer, generously provided by Paradise Seeds.

Subsequently, they further pollinated a cutting of the resultant hybrid with Jack Herer again, to create a strain that boasts a sweet aroma and more dominant Sativa properties. This unique strain features a terpene profile comprising Terpinolene, B-Ocimene, B-Myrcene, and B-Caryophyllene.

Boasting an impressive 22% THC content, breeders created XJ-13 by crossing Jack Herer and G-13 strains in a balanced hybrid. Its distinct flavor is a result of this unique blend, combining spicy and sweet notes with hints of lime and pine. Notably, the strain emits a pungent and potent aroma with funky undertones that adds to its classic taste. XJ-13 is an ideal strain for wake and bakers seeking a powerful and uplifting experience.

Seven Leaves XJ-13 Strain Review

First off, its a highly sought-after hybrid cannabis strain, XJ-13, alternatively known as “XJ13” or “XK Thirteen,” originates from crossing the Jack Herer and G13 Haze strains. Secondly, What sets this strain apart is its therapeutic strength and the enjoyable euphoria it delivers. Its effects provide a clear cerebral high, ideal for boosting creativity and social interaction. You are welcome to browse the list of Seven leaves Weed strains.
Additionally, its earthy pine notes complement its strong citrus scent, giving it an alluring aroma. With a THC content of 28.55%, XJ-13 has a reputation for producing an uplifting, euphoric, and productive buzz.

The high almost instantly delivers a cerebral and body buzz, making it perfect for relieving anxiety and depression. Additionally, XJ-13 is renowned for inspiring creativity, facilitating communication, and enhancing social experiences. Have these too, Jupiter Jack Seven Leaves Weed  and Cereal milk cookies strain


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