Zashimi (INDICA)- Laughing Gas Weed Flower | Ounce (28G)


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Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   34.87%
Quantity    Oz (28G)

Zashimi Laughing Gas Weed 3.5G

Zashimi Laughing Gas weed is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Cactuz (Sunset Sherbert x Gelato41) with Super Lemon Cherry Gelato. With an impressive THC content of 31.48% and no CBD, it is a delectably sweet and gassy version of indica that delivers a consistently joyful and calming high.

Originally the flavor that inspired the Laughing Gas brand for comedic actor Joey “Coco” Diaz, this strain produces a cerebral and body stone effect that induces feelings of relaxation and euphoria while still enabling you to participate in creative or conversational activities. For those seeking a potent strain that offers functionality and creativity, Zashimi Laughing Gas weed is the perfect choice. Also, Rainbow Runtz Laughing Gas weed and Bugsy Backpack boyz .

Laughing Gas Flowers Zashimi kush strain Effects

The Zashimi Strain is a sought-after strain due to its exceptional calming and uplifting effects. It is the ideal strain to help individuals relax and switch off from daily stress, making it a perfect choice for unwinding during the evening. Often described as “laughing gas,” the strain has the ability to induce euphoric and giggly feelings. In addition to relaxation, users can experience a sense of joy, heightened senses, and creativity, making it perfect for creative activities such as painting and writing. With a balance of sativa and indica, the Zashimi Strain is more suitable for social situations compared to heavy indicas.
Despite its intense high, the Zashimi Strain does not leave users feeling too tired afterwards. Medical patients dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress can benefit from this strain’s relaxing effects. Additionally, its energizing effects can act as an effective mood-booster for individuals feeling down. Lastly, those suffering from chronic pain can benefit from the Zashimi Strain’s pain-relieving properties. Make sure you go through all Laughing gas weed strains.


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