Zuchilato (Indica) – Cake Disposable Vape 1G


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Plant type   INDICA
THC   88.39%
CBD   1.45%
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Zuchilato Cake She Hits Different Vape

Zuchilato Cake Disposable offers a unique combination of Indica strains with a complex and disputed heritage, known for its potent citrus aroma and a mellow, enjoyable high. Also, This strain is something everyone can enjoy, amateurs and veterans alike, and even those seeking it out for medical purposes.

Zuchilato Cake Cart is a potent Indica. It’s strong, so newbies should go slow. It’s relaxing yet energizing, keeping you social. Powerful flavor too.

Cake Bar Zuchilato Flavor Review

This strain’s genetics has several combinations. Generally, Lemon Kush is something of a Kush mixed with a Zuchi Lato strain, and can be mixed out of Afghan, South American mixed with Lemon G or Master Kush. About Gorilla Mints Cake Dispoable bars and Apple jack chief cart

Conclusively, It is deliciously sweet and leaves an undeniably citrus aftertaste in your mouth, after you have enjoyed the creamy lemon inhale. Equally, also carries a bit of spice in its flavor, evening out the strong citrus flavors and creating balance.

Cake Disposable Vape Bar Zuchilato Strain Effects

This strain is very good at bringing the good vibrations. Lemon Kush is the ultimate happy plant, and will have you giggling like a schoolgirl at any random thing. If you are searching for a reliable feel-good strain, making you feel an intense head high that will feel like a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around you.

After taking a hit, profound serenity and relaxation engulf you, leading to another puff, making it nearly addictive. I’m considering breeding it with a high-CBD strain, aiming for 30-40% CBD in the future. Currently, there are limited options in the market.

My strain boasts up to 80% THC, especially when vaped, but typical levels are around 20-25%. Some strains like Chiquita Banana and Emperor’s Cookie Dough have tested up to 30% THC after harvest, while others like Ghost Zookies reached 28% with an exceptional taste.


1 Single Bar, 1 Box (5 Stacks), 10 Boxes


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