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Backpack Boyz weed review

Backpack Boyz Strains List

The BackPack Boyz are known for their unique and high-quality cannabis flowers, with popular strains like Apple Gelato and Cherry Gelato. Their collaboration with the Cookies family has resulted in strains like Zerbert, which has sedative effects and a minty taste. Here are some of the most well-reviewed and in-demand BackPack Boyz strains.

Backpack Boyz White Cherry Gelato exudes a delightful aroma, while offering a delectable creamy flavour. Consumers enjoy its ability to provide an uplifting effect to fight depression and ease stress-filled days. A 3.5g package of this strain is available.

Scottie Pippen, a firm resolution is paramount. People have been speaking of the renowned figure who grew this strain, however, the weed is similarly impressive. This strain has an alluring, indica-dominant hit.
Scottie Pippen has a broad variety of flavours that titillate the taste buds. Inhaling its essence, you can savour the luxuriant combination of decadent dark chocolate and coffee ice cream. Furthermore, the limonene terpene imparts a sharp, zesty taste with each inhalation.

Backpack Boyz Weed Prices

Backpack Boyz weed products offers high-quality cannabis at affordable prices. It is conveniently located near you at popular attractions in Los Angeles and is suitable for both residents and travelers with one of the best prices for $45 to $60 for a 3.5g pack of weed.

Who Owns Backpack Boyz

Juan Quesada, the founder of the Backpack Boyz has opened up about his early life and how mixed martial arts and martial arts helped him to stay out of prison. Looking at the path that led him to create the distinct group that are now known as the Backpack Boyz. Juan is a well-respected figure in the game, as many are familiar with his name. In 2020, the Backpack Boyz made an immense impact on the scene and since then have opened stores in California and Michigan, continuing to expand their presence. They have become synonymous with street culture and cannabis, which has come to define the movement. Let’s pay homage to the Backpack Boyz and those representing them around the world with a celebratory smoke.

Cookies weed brand

The Cookies brand, founded in 2012, is highly influential in the cannabis industry. They are renowned for their authentic and innovative products, with a strong reputation among cannabis enthusiasts. Their products can be found in dispensaries in different states and even internationally.

Who is the owner of cookies weed

The cannabis brand Cookies, started in 2015, has gained attention as it expands from Northern California to the east. Founded by Berner, a former budtender, rapper, and entrepreneur, the brand is famous for its Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Cookies weed strain list | Flavors

  • Apples and Bananas, created by Compound Genetics and Cookies, is an intriguing cannabis strain, renowned for its cherry, apples, and banana aroma. The taste is reminiscent of bad apple pie and banana pudding, providing consumers with a heavy head high with a soothing, floaty body feeling.
  •  The Soap is another top Cookies strain, derived from Animal Mints 9 and Kush Mints 11, with a sweet cake aroma and a potent sweetness to the smoke. Consumers often use it for daytime consumption, thanks to its heady effects.
  • Red Velvet, a collaboration between Grandiflora and Cookies, carries a fragrance of cream cheese frosting, and has a flavor that evokes creamy cake. This potent strain is known for providing an uplifting, happy feeling, accompanied by a heavy body high.
  • Lemonade’s popular strain, Medellin, smells of gas, funk, and ozone, and tastes delightfully musky with a touch of gas. This relaxing cannabis strain gives a clear head high with a light body relaxation.
  • A cross between Gelato 41 and Sherb bx 1, Jealousy carries an aroma of sweet gas and cream, with the smoke having a heavy gelato taste, combined with a gassy candy cream flavor. It is a very potent strain, providing a strong body and head high.
  • Georgia Pie, a cannabis strain first started by Seed Junky Genetics, smells like peach cobbler and tastes like savory baked fruit. The potent effects are noted to be a strong body and head high.

Cookies weed review

Internet sentiment towards Cookies is positive, but Reddit’s cannabis community has expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and price. Users in Colorado and California have commented that while the bud is good, it is not better than other options and in some cases, worse, yet still sold at a premium price. The PotGuide team also had a similar experience, finding Cookies’ Lemon Pepper strain to be good but not exceptional, and not worth the high price.

The brand Cookies Cannabis has a dedicated fanbase and is known for its exclusivity and high quality. People line up for each release, eager to experience the hype. However, whether or not it lives up to the hype is subjective and depends on individual preferences and priorities.

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Berner Cookies 3.5g Weed

Berner Cookies, based in Los Angeles, is an exclusive cannabis brand created by famous rapper Berner. They offer a variety of strains such as Lemmon Pepper, Seeds from Leafy, Devine Runtz, TK Lato, London Chello, Garry Peyton, Pomelo, Honey Buns etc.., as well as weed bars and live resin disposable carts.

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