When placing your order, while at the checkout page you will notice the payment methods available are clickable and do not have an automated system like Credit Card. You are required to select your preferred payment method and complete the checkout process. We will reach out to you though phone number or email to send you the payment info for the selected payment method. So that said you should make sure you put in a valid and functioning email address and phone number. Once you complete the payment, be sure to take a screenshot of your payment receipt and send back to the agent for immediate confirmation. 

If you received a delivery and found out your ordered items are incomplete, It was in no way intentional, We have a special staff now to follow up with clients upon delivery to make sure you received what you ordered.

In case you received a delivery with damaged products. Make sure you take pictures first and send them to us to confirm and identify if it left our warehouse in that state of was damaged in the process of shipping.

This will depend on a number of thing. Not saying its impossible but if you ordered some items and it already shipped out and you would like to change something, Please just reach out to our support team and we’ll figure it out for you immediately.

First off, if your discount coupon code is not working it could be due to a number of things, Maybe its expired, If the coupon has a minimum cart amount. Nevertheless, just reach out to our support team through email/Phone or Live chat to get it sorted out.