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Cookies Cannabis  Strains & Features
Berner Cookies, also known as Cookies brand, is a super potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain, created by the famous rapper Berner. This strain is a special variety of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and you can expect it to have a strong, kushy aroma and a delicious vanilla flavor. It is said to be a bit of a creeper, meaning it will take time for the high to come on. The Cookies brand was popularized by Berner and marketed as a “VIPs Only” cultivar, rocketing the company into worldwide renown in 2011. Now, Cookies weed bars have a devoted cult following, and their live resin disposable carts are also widely sought after.
Cookies cannabis Packs for sale

The company offers over 150 exclusive cannabis varieties and product lines. Also, including indoor, sun-grown, and CBD flower, vape cartridges, gel capsules, pre-rolls, and medicinal mushrooms. The Cookies flower itself is a high-end high, with prices from $60 to $80 for an eighth in some places. Cookies is not only a mainstream cannabis grow operation; it’s a lifestyle brand selling Cookies cannabis clothing such as pricey T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, shorts, and more. Berner cookies cartridges for sale.

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Firstly, The Cookies brand is legendary. Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Gilbert Anthony Milam, Jr. (aka Berner) and grow expert Jai (aka Jigga) founded the Cookies brand in 2008. What began in a small San Francisco garage is now a global brand with passionate fans around the world. Secondly, also do not forget to note that his Net worth amounting to a whooping sum to 11M$ by forbes. Lastly, we also provide Clothing merchandise coming up soon, Little Rock, Denver, Brand Sf, Las Vegas, chicago, Florida, New Jersey, Uk. Also, San Francisco delivery free, Packaging ,Jars  Accessoires Backpack, T shirt, Bags equally available, Lemonade, Edibles, Deal THC, Live resin

Berner Cookies List of strains or Flavors:
Mac N Cookies, Lemon Pepper Cookies, Lemon Chello Cookies, Chem D Cookies, Banana Cream Pie Cookies, Berner Cookies Pomelo, Pink Rozay Cookies, London PoundCake Cookies, Grenadine Cookies, Gary Payton Cookies, Bundt Cake cookies
Champagne Wedding cookies, Garlic Mints Cookies, Cheetah Piss Cookies, Cereal Milk Cookies, Sweet Tea Cookies, Berry Pie Cookies, Sticky Buns Cookies, georgia pie cookies

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