Sticky Buns Cookies

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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Name: Sticky Buns

Strain Type: Hybrid


Sticky Buns Cookies and Seed Junky are responsible for a storm of popular cannabis genetics from Wedding Cake to Kush Mints. The Sticky Buns strain is a new flavor that was spawned from Kush Mints #11 and Gelatti.

Kush Mints (Bubba Kush x Animal Mints) and Gelatti (Gelato x Biscotti) are two of the more coveted flavors out right now. Watching these genetics proliferate through the cannabis industry is awesome to see, I imagine in the coming months these strains will start to pop up outside of California, moving their way up the west coast through Oregon and up to Washington.

The Sticky Bun strain produces flowers that do have a kind of sticky sweet pastry look to them. Between the thick slathering of trichome frosting to the golden-brown hairs sprinkled all over, this flower is as appetizing as it gets.

There isn’t much user-driven data on Sticky Buns’ effects as of yet. Its parents are both potent hybrid that usually has well over 20 percent THC and I’d expect nothing less from Sticky Buns.

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