Sweet Tea Cookies


Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Sweet Tea Cookies

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type: Sativa


Sweet Tea Cookies, Sweat tea Berner Cookies is a sativa-dominant strain (65%) that utilises genetics from 3 cannabis strains. An earlier cross had been interesting but it needed greater stability. To this end an Alcatraz OG male was used to out-cross the well-known Californian Orange. Females of this were then crossed with The Dude, a particularly cherished Space Queen male plant. The result is big taste, big yields and a very uplifting effect.

Allow plenty of root space, as this is a plant that likes to grow big and tall diligent topping will help to control its height while providing loads more bud sites. Indoors flowering is complete in about 8 – 9 weeks. Outdoors in warm climates it can grow into a huge plant with yields to match. Also have a look at Berner Cookies Pomelo.    available at Potsnbuds.

Product description

Aroma: Sweet, earthy lemon tea

Flavor: Rich, smooth jasmine

Experience: Strong head high

Additional information

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams


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