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The Space Monkey Meds Cannabis Strains emits an aroma that’s a little sweet, slightly fruity, but mostly of fresh soil. Its flavor tastes as if you’re inhaling a piece of the earth, and gradually becomes more potent the more you smoke.

Space Monkey Fatso strain review

Fatso gives off an almost petrol-like scent that immediately strikes the nose, which is interwoven with sharp, citrusy grapefruit rinds and a sweet bubble gum undertone. The flavour is intense and resin-laden, with pungent Diesel and hash notes which some users may find a little too harsh.

Space Monkey Med Black Water OG

Blackwater is an indica strain typically bred from Mendo Purps and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Its round, compact buds take on a deep purple color and a sweet grape aroma that blends with subtle undertones of lemon and pine.

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